Hobart International to return in 2022

Victoria will host the Australian Summer of Tennis in 2021
16 November 2020, by Hobart International Tennis

To our valued fans,

As you are all too aware, 2020 has been a year of challenges and tough decisions.

Unfortunately due to the many logistical challenges created by the pandemic, it has been decided that the Australian Summer of Tennis will be played in Victoria in 2021.

This means the Hobart International will not go ahead this summer. Whilst this decision is not what we wanted, the restrictions in every state and territory make it impossible for players to prepare properly and for us to run our normal summer program in Tasmania.

We understand this is disappointing news, particularly for our dedicated fans, the Hobart International family.

We hope however, like us, you are energised by the fact the Australian Open will go ahead as planned and the world’s best players will start 2021 in Australia.

We will continue to update you on how you can enjoy the summer of tennis here in Tasmania.

And we look forward to our events making a much-anticipated return for the 2022 summer.


Darren Sturgess
Hobart International Tournament Director