Hobart International 2024 Schedule

Hobart International 2024 Schedule (as at 1 November 2023)

– Family Fun Weekend is Sat 6 and Sun 7 January, 2024 
– Main Draw Mon 8 – Sat 13, January 2024

Date Rounds Enter From Start Time –
Centre Court
Start Time –
Outside Courts (West & Court 8)
Sat 6 Jan – Day Family Fun Weekend – free entry10.00am11.00am11.00am
Sun 7 Jan – Day
Family Fun Weekend – free entry



Mon 8 Jan – DayMain Draw10.00am12.00pm11.00am
Mon 8 Jan – Night
Main Draw
Tue 9 Jan – Day
Main Draw
10.00am12.00pm 11.00am
Tue 9 Jan – Night
Main Draw
5.00pm6.30pm# N/A
Wed 10 Jan – DayMain Draw10.00am12.00pm11.00am
Wed 10 Jan – Night
Main Draw
Thur 11 Jan – DayQuarter Finals12.00pm1pmTBC
Thur 11 Jan – NightQuarter Finals5.00pm6.30pm#N/A
Fri 12 Jan – DaySemi Finals12.00pm1pmN/A
Sat 13 Jan – DayFinals12:00pm1pmN/A

* Closing times subject to change.

Please note: This schedule, order of play and format is provisional and is subject to alteration at any time without notice. By way of example, activities or match play may be impacted by the weather or players may withdraw due to injury, illness or other grounds. Tennis tournaments are, at times, unpredictable and unavoidable events can occur. It all adds to the thrill and suspense of the Hobart International.

#Start time subject to completion of Day Session